The AIU to Partner with IDEO and the Stanford to Create a PA School Retool Cohort

school-retool-logoThis school year, the inaugural cohort of the Western Pennsylvania School Retool–a group of local middle and high school principals–will be conducting small, scrappy experiments called “hacks” to redesign school culture.

“Hacks may start small,” according to the School Retool website, “but they’re built on research-based practices that lead to Deeper Learning, and can create the kind of big change you aspire to–namely, preparing your students for life in the real world.” One such hack entails the principal working temporarily in the cafeteria or relocating his or her desk to a foyer as way to become a “schoolwise” principal. “Do your work out in the open,” this specific hack encourages. “Remove the barriers. Invite students into your world by visiting theirs. Get a firsthand look at what’s really going on in the halls and in students’ heads.”

School Retool was created through a partnership between IDEO, an international design and consulting firm, and The Institute of Design at Stanford University, often referred to as the


Western Pennsylvania is one of eight new School Retool cohorts launching throughout the United States this school year. The professional learning fellowship runs from January 18, 2017 through March 22, 2017 and includes in-person workshops, personal coaching, peer support, and lots of inspiration. More detailed information and the application, due by October 31, 2016, are available at The School Retool opportunity is open to high school and middle school principals in Western Pennsylvania, from schools where at least 40% of students qualify for free and reduced lunch.

The Western Pennsylvania cohort of School Retool is made possible through generous funding from The Grable Foundation.

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