Pittsburgh in the ‘Making’

Pittsburgh in the “Making”

Have any of you heard about this whole Maker Movement? I just started learning about it myself when I had the privilege of attending a Maker Faire (someone described the event to me before I went, as a 21st Century county fair) in San Mateo, CA this past spring with a few other AIU colleagues.  And I’ll tell you, it has me really excited!  You can read a bit about our trip here on the Spark Pittburgh website.  The implications within this movement for education are super encouraging as evidenced by the new Maker Education Initiative (on whose board Pittsburgh Children’s Museum’s own Jane Werner sits!)  And the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum is leading the way regionally with their MakeshopMakeshop Show and Mini-Maker Faire (now in its 2nd year!) There’s a great deal going on in Pittsburgh around making and the schools in our region are coming along for the ride.  There are some interesting projects in the cooker at some of our region’s districts who are looking at this movement as a way to bring more hands-on learning into the classroom.  I think someone out there is even pursuing the creation of a FabLab!  I’ve even heard rumors that a TechShop Pittsburgh is in the making, which is a membership-driven workshop space.

Among all of the great maker-stuff happening around the area, one of my favorites, is the Children’s Museum MakeShop Show.  Taking its cues from the wildly successful Super Awesome Sylvia Show, The Makeshop Show produces videos every so often sharing some cool DIY/how-to project.  The most recent video (below) is all about making your own icing piping bag and decorating some deliciously fun monkey cupcakes.  Yummo!

The Center for Creativity, as you can imagine, is paying very close attention to this movement, nationally, and locally.  So as projects develop, I’ll be sharing them here as well as on Twitter and Facebook!